Public is watching


To the Editor:

It takes a special person to boldly lie when observed by a large group of people. There are others in the public sphere who have perfected their ability to do so. Mr. Dershowitz’s letter denying that he cut the line at the Farmers Market, or that he ever cut a line, is not quite the Big Lie, but it is still not the truth.

I also observed Mr. Dershowitz cut the line at the Farmers Market last summer while waiting to obtain chocolate. The line was probably 30 deep at that time, meaning that he was seen by many others. To deny the episode is to deny reality.

Plus, there is the widely known abuse of his dropping off a carload of people at Lucy Vincent Beach when there was an overflow, and taking a newly available parking spot on the way back to the waiting line. This led to what is commonly known as the Dershowitz Rule, which now prevents that abusive maneuver. It inconveniences many on a hot summer day.


Matt Kaufman