Searching for the mysterious ferry service


To the Editor: 

So the SSA board thinks Robert Davis walks on water. It appears there must be another vehicle ferry service to the Vineyard of which I am unaware.

The SSA of which Davis is the general manager must have boats that are well maintained and rarely break. When they do malfunction, they have a backup boat ready to go into service. This ferry service must have a reservation system that mere mortals can use and has an app for easy access from a smartphone. The management must invest in boats and not buildings. The web site must provide accurate information about the status including the standby data and working cameras showing the standby lines.  The management must welcome having an outside consultant do an evaluation of the operation and then enthusiastically implement the changes without the threat of the state legislature forcing them. The management of this ferry service must meet regularly with the community it serves and take seriously the feedback that it receives.

The ferry service that I am using does have one group that I will give high marks to and that is the agents on the phones from whom I have always received good service. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to know how to find this other SSA.

Bob Rosenbaum