Leave yoga alone


To the Editor:

This is insane to stop a yoga class that has been going on for a few years on the beach. Yoga is so healthy both physically and medically.

I can understand getting a permit. However, it shouldn’t take time to get one. Sounds like there are issues with the O.B. parks department and Mr. Diodati; there is no reason it could not be put on an agenda for the town to discuss ASAP and give Mr. Diodati a permit to continue his class without delay. Too much town politics. And why is this just getting noticed during the middle of the summer? Taking much more time for obtaining a permit will prevent people doing yoga for the summer season.

As far as accepting a small donation, yoga instructors have to take classes and get certified to be one. It costs time and money to become a yoga teacher. A person who takes yoga is being taught how to do yoga safely and not get injured.

I take yoga classes twice a week, and have been for about four years, minus a year and half during the COVID shutdown. It is healthy, breathing, stretching, etc. I leave feeling so much better. My health and mental state are so much better doing yoga.

I would suggest the parks department and any other town department who is against Inkwell Yoga take a yoga class to see how beneficial it is healthwise, breathing, and meditation. And let Mr. Diodati get his permit.


Roger Maxfield