A message to Alan Dershowitz


To the Editor:

Alan Dershowitz’s statement, “I will continue to represent the most despised and hated clients who most need representation,” is a specious posture masquerading as principle. The sad fact of our “justice” system is that money buys the best lawyers, and the smarter the lawyer, the more likely those accused of even the most heinous crimes will be “found” not guilty. 

As to his association with Jeffrey Epstein, when asked, Dershowitz said that “allegations made against him were unfounded.” That may be true, but he added, “Nobody on the Vineyard believes any of that. They know I’m a family man.” Not only is that an overstatement, but a non sequitur as well.

A suggestion for Alan: Why not travel to Texas, Arkansas, and Alabama to offer pro bono services to the women of these states who have been deprived of their civil and human rights? These are the people “who most need representation.” Although this mission would lack your tiresome self-promotion, it might provide a worthy headline grabber.

Linda Zeltzer