Cars towed after Chilmark crash


Chilmark police and Tri-Town Ambulance responded to a two-vehicle car crash that occurred in Chilmark on Wednesday, August 4, at the intersection of South Road and Quenames Road. Both vehicles were transported by JWL Transport. 

“The gist of what happened was there was a white Subaru [Washington, DC license plates] that came out of Quenames Road and there was a [dark gray] Jeep Wrangler [Connecticut license plates] traveling down South Road,” Chilmark Police Chief Jonathan Klaren told The Times. “The Subaru did not stop at South Road and was planning to just go straight across to the dirt road across the street.”

Klaren said it appeared the Subaru driver “did not realize the road did not continue on” and struck the Jeep. 

The Subaru received front-end damage. It also had a dent on the back left side, but Klaren said it was uncertain whether that was from this crash or a previous one. Although Klaren did not provide specifics regarding the Jeep’s damage, it was bad enough that it needed to be towed. 

“Both cars were significantly damaged, but nobody was hurt,” Klaren said. 

The Subaru driver was cited for failing to yield. 


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