‘We Need You’ at the Strand

Civil rights attorney and activist Mawuli Mel Davis will be presenting his recent work at Oak Bluff's Strand Theater on Thursday. — Carla Morrison

The Strand Theater in Oak Bluffs will host a reading by author Mawuli Mel Davis, a prominent Atlanta-based civil rights attorney and activist, on Thursday afternoon. 

​Accompanying the reading from the 2021 book “We Need You: Encouraging My Sons’ Generation for Black Liberation,” the production will feature music and poetry from the Black Man’s Lab’s (BML) Young Creators “We Need You” Project.

Created to “inspire young creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and create socially conscious content,” the We Need You Project encompasses a broad spectrum of artists and innovators from dance to fashion design, photography to tech development. 

The production will be highlighting the mission of the BML — of which Davis serves as chairman — to “provide a safe space for Black men to have a culturally enriching learning experience.” 

“I am excited to share with the Oak Bluffs community more than my reflections and stories in the Black Liberation Movement,” Davis said in a recent press release, “ I really want people to hear the voices of the Young Creators from the Black Man Lab and get a better understanding about the safe and sacred spaces the Black Man Lab is creating for our children.”

A key figure in emphasizing and creating various empowering programs, Davis has represented activists in the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Occupy Movement, in addition to the falsely accused and victims of police brutality. 

Davis has been awarded “outstanding advocate of the year” by the ACLU, Urban League, Southern Center for Human Rights, Gate City Bar Association, and National Black Prosecutors Association, and serves on the boards of the Southern Center for Human Rights, Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute, Just-Georgia, and the Walter Rodney Foundation. 

Produced by Kemi Jennings, the 1 pm event is free and open to the public, and per the release, promises to be “an experience the whole family will enjoy as we center on the power of young people to change the world.”