Playoffs underway for women’s softball



The 17th annual Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Softball League playoffs are underway, with five teams competing for the championship; Creamers, Mamas, Ride or Dyes, Snaps, and Rug Sox.

The season, having started on June 7, is wrapping up with the August 2 commencement of the playoff games. 

The Mamas — with five wins and seven losses thus far — will be attempting to dethrone the undefeated Creamers. Meanwhile the Rug Sox, with three wins and nine losses, will go up to bat against the Snaps, touting 10 wins and four losses. The Rug Sox and Snaps were rained out, but the Creamers defeated the Mamas in their contest.

Following its season-long losing streak, the Ride and Dyes have been eliminated after a 14-0 defeat by the Snaps on August 4.

Last year, team Snaps brought home the championship after beating the 2021 defending champions, the Creamers, 13-8. 

Updated to clarify that only one game was rained out Tuesday.