Real Estate Transactions: August 15 – 19, 2022



August 18, Nola Elsie McGowan, also known as Nola Elsie Vlatkovich, administrator of the Estate of Rolfe Lumley, and Brownyn Francis Downton sold 0 Rose Meadow Way to Joshua A. Recave and David G. Recave for $6,927.40 with 33.3 percent undivided interest.


August 16, Fiduciary Trust Co. and David Ames Jr., trustees of Ames Number Two Realty Trust, sold 9 Collins Avenue and 12 Chapel Avenue to Robert Andrew Gold and Elizabeth Amelia Ames for $285,000.

August 17, Eldon K. Willoughby II and Marjorie J. Willoughby sold 85 18th Street South to Jacqueline Evans for $1,200,000.

August 19, MSVineyard LLC sold 20 Peases Point Way Unit 2 to Susan Sleigh for $315,000.

Oak Bluffs

August 19, Christopher Wey and Eric Wey, trustees of Roger Wey Irrevocable Trust, sold 24 Sumner Park Road to Blue Flag Capital LLC for $3,350,000.

August 19, Nan E. Bacon sold 11 Poplar Lane to Jason Giordano and Megan S. Giordano for $715,000.


August 16, Sarah C. Rohan sold 145 Midland Ave. to Jeanne Elizabeth Bennett and Michael J. Schmelzer for $975,000.

August 18, U.S. Bank, National Association, as successor trustee to Wachovia Bank National Association, auctioned off the foreclosed deed of 58 Weaver Court to Wakeby Development Inc. for $670,000.

August 18, Wakeby Development Inc. sold 58 Weaver Court to Thomas R. Kelley for $50,000.