Poet’s Corner


Climate Change
By Vi Larsen

A bottle floats helplessly into a mass of hungry plastic bobbing through the endless sea
A polar bear stumbles weakly over the frozen tundra and collapses, its final icy breaths shakely exit
A young man who lives in the frosty mountains is shocked by the sudden blast of furious heat for
yesterday the temperature was barely grazing 10 degrees
A rumble crosses the frosty cliffs and a determined break in the ice follows and then …the ice falls
with devastating force into the harsh seas below
Toxic smoke billows out from the factory and threatens the once-clear atmosphere
The mean chainsaw breaks the fragile skin of the horrified tree and within minutes, the tree falls
and dies, bringing hundreds of life forms and wildlife with it
A little girl picks a lost plastic bag off of the beach
An 11-year-old reuses his cute, little plastic bag that he took his sandwich in the other day
A little boy writes a persuasive letter to the president, insisting that every time a poor tree is cut
down rudely, another should be planted
A father installs solar panels for his family’s home
A mother insists that her family tries to avoid nasty factories and unreliable stores that aren’t powered
by solar energy
A 13-year-old helps her joyous school make a beach cleanup committee
And hundreds of others help make our degrading yet still savable world better again

Vi Larsen is an 11-year-old poet living on Martha’s Vineyard with her family.

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Poet’s Corner curator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com.