Responding to the noise


To the Editor:

Several recent Letters to the Editor complained about noise levels in West Tisbury. I am a resident of the town, and have been for some time. 

I previously lived in New York City, and I find the complaints to be almost laughable. Indeed, there are lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and trucks backing up. But where I live, which is in the same neighborhood as at least one of the letter writers, these noises are heard maybe for an hour or two, maybe once or twice a week. In New York, excessive noise levels, automobile horns, sirens, loud music, etc. are a 24-hour, seven-day occurrence. I realize that people live in West Tisbury because it is visibly and audibly pristine. But grass must be cut, leaves occasionally blown, and vehicles must drive safely in reverse.

Having said this, I must say that one writer’s laying the blame for “noise pollution” on West Tisbury boards and denigrating the boards and committees is reprehensible. Having served on a number of committees, I am well aware of how much hard work and how many long hours go into serving. Yes, some people receive small stipends (not enough to make anyone wealthy), but most are unpaid volunteers. They join committees and boards to help make the town a better place to live. If the writer believes that some (or all) committees are derelict, he is welcome to volunteer or apply for membership. Run for the select board or the planning board. Volunteer for the zoning board, or any of a number of other boards or committees. I’ve always felt that if one believes that someone is doing a poor job, then they should try doing it themselves. A reasonable person would be advised to do that, or remain silent.


Ted Jochsberger
West Tisbury