Island Home drops out of service

The Island Home is expected to be out of service for a week. — Rich Saltzberg

Updated September 14

The Steamship Authority ferry Island Home went out of service Thursday and departed for the ferry line’s Fairhaven facility for engine work. SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll said the engine of the Island Home will undergo a turbocharger replacement. Driscoll said the ferry is expected to be out of service for a week, and the Martha’s Vineyard will be taking over the vessel’s trips. On Tuesday, five days after Driscoll spoke about the vessel, SSA director Mark Amundsen said the vessel would be sidelined for a bit longer— “approximately six or seven days.”

As part of planned maintenance, the SSA is replacing “the turbocharger on the main engine.” 

Amundsen went on to say, “The supply chain has been very difficult over the past year.” To that point, Amundsen said, turbos ordered a year ago didn’t arrive in time for overhaul periods slated earlier in the year. 

Amundsen said the Island Home was due for maintenance anyway, and his team didn’t want to wait until January to do the turbo work, so the choice was made to begin work on the ferry last week.



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