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“Come, come, Tivoli Girl, dance the hours away. Come, come, Tivoli Girl, don’t you hear the music play? If you’ll be my pal in the summertime down beside the ocean blue, when the snow flies, Tivoli Girl, I’ll be dreaming of you.”  –“Tivoli Girl,” Will Hardy, 1917

Will Hardy was the bandleader and musical director of the popular dance hall in Oak Bluffs from 1915 until 1931. His six-piece orchestra was the Tivoli house band, and he wrote many songs about the Vineyard. I heard “Tivoli Girl” for the first time a few years ago when the MacMahon Brothers learned the song and performed it at the Ritz for Dexter and Marilyn Nurney, who had just adopted a puppy named Tivoli. Yes, Tivoli the puppy was there for the honor, and danced to her song.

We will celebrate Tivoli Day on Saturday, Sept. 17. This 42-year-old tradition turns Circuit Ave. into a street fair from 10 am 6 pm, full of arts, crafts, vendors, bargains, great food, and live music. Try your hand at the Flying Horses “Ring Challenge,” which benefits the Jena Pothier Scholarship Fund. See you there!

Congratulations to Jillian Sedlier-Clark for being promoted to detective by the Oak Bluffs Police Department! Detective Sedlier-Clark has been serving as school resource officer at MVRHS since 2017, providing day-to-day security and staff support, as well as being a stellar role model for our youth. Jillian’s other title is Mom to Xena, who just turned 2 on Sept. 2.

Keep those hummingbird feeders clean and full! Hummingbirds are hungry right now as they prepare to migrate south. They will need to gain 25 to 40 percent of their body weight before their long flight to Central America and Mexico. It is astounding that these tiny, fragile-looking birds travel thousands of miles to their winter homes. Bon voyage!

Get your tackle ready, and your excuses for being late for work — the Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby started Sunday, Sept. 11, and runs through Oct. 15. This 76-year-old tradition brings serious anglers from all over the country, and all corners of the Island, to compete for prizes and bragging rights. The Derby contributes a lot to the community, from the free fresh fish distributed to senior centers and the Food Pantry to scholarships awarded to local high school seniors. Find the rules and registration link at mvderby.com. Good luck!

One of my favorite events, Featherstone’s annual “Potters Bowl,” takes place on Saturday, Sept. 17, from 4 to 6 pm. Island potters have been working all year to create beautiful bowls to donate to this fundraiser. Patrons can purchase a locally handcrafted bowl, and enjoy a casual meal of soup, bread, and dessert. The cost is $40, and all proceeds benefit the programs of Featherstone’s Art Center.

Library Maritime month continues with “Printmaking and Carving” on Sept. 17, at 1 pm. Learn to make your own seascape art. No experience necessary, for ages 15-plus (sharp tools will be used). Author talks will be presented on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at 5 pm (Frank Doble, “The Art of Inquiry”) and Thursday, Sept. 22, at 6 pm (Sam Low on “Polynesian Starpaths: Ancient Pacific Voyaging and Navigation”).

Island Wide Youth Collaborative is offering a free “Safe Sitters” Workshop for middle school students on Saturday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 18. Great opportunity to learn everything you need to become a confident babysitter. CPR training is included. The workshop takes place from 11 am to 2 pm each day; you must attend both sessions to be certified. Lunch will be included. IWYC is located at M.V. Community Services main campus at 111 Edgartown–V.H. Road (next to the YMCA), Building D. For more information, call Chrissie Laury at 508-693-7900, ext. 402.

Going to end with an “only on MV” story. I was in line at Reliable on Sunday. The line was long, as it was late morning and the usual procrastinators (like me) were joined by folks stocking up for the Pats game. A lady with two items, realizing there was a long line, called to her friend in the back of the line, “We’re going to have to go, we’ll miss the bus.” EVERY person in the line looked back to the lady at the end and waved her forward, saying “You go ahead, we can wait.” The very surprised and very grateful two ladies waved and thanked us as they hurried out the door. Hope they made the bus!

Happy September birthday to Nancy Nevin on the 15th, Ewell Hopkins, Katrina Araujo, and Clarissa Stead on the 16th, and Kia Newton on the 17th. Big shout-out to my firstborn, J.J. Cheney, on the 18th! Mary Lombardi and Hallie MacCormack celebrate on the 20th. Take a birthday picture of Michael Blanchard on the 21stt!

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