Supreme compassion


To the Editor: 

We are all immigrants … even “Native Americans” migrated here. 

What the three white male governors of Arizona, Florida, and Texas are doing by dehumanizing those who have sought refuge from oppression at home is nothing more than overt white supremacy tactics.

Did not Obama blow apart any notion of white supremacy? He can run circles intellectually around all three of these white governors … and they hate him for it. 

Brava, Martha’s Vineyard, with no notice you accepted two chartered plane loads full of men, women, and children who had been misled into boarding those airplanes, and summarily dumped on Martha’s Vineyard. You received them with warmth and respect, neither of which qualities the three white supremacist governors could summon. 

They are too ignorant to know that Martha’s Vineyard has been an ethnically diverse Island for centuries … and much the better for it. 

Abraham Lincoln, the standard-bearer of the Republican Party, would be aghast to learn that his party, which fought a Civil War successfully, would sink so low as to accept Governors Abbott, DeSantis, and Ducey into their midst. The Statue of Liberty is not weeping, she is bawling, and her flame is sputtering. 

Edward Miller