Support Grey Barn owners


To the Editor:

I am a full-time resident of Chilmark, and was dismayed to read the Letter to the Editor by Eric Glasgow, “Lack of Trust,” in the Sept. 16 issue of the Vineyard Gazette. I admit that I don’t know the full details of why the Trustees of Reservations (TTOR) decided not to put forth or consider any proposals about a lease extension or the future stewardship of the Glasgows’ Grey Barn and Farm, Chilmark, at their recent board meeting.

However, I do know some things. I know that the Grey Barn is a professional, beautiful, and sustainable operation. I know that people come from far and wide to purchase their delicious and healthy products, take tours, and gaze upon the lovely site. I know that the Glasgows employ many people, and plan to convert an existing barn into much-needed workforce housing. I know that they are philanthropic, care about issues important to Martha’s Vineyard, and are committed to making this a better place to live and visit for everyone. By the time this goes to print, I sincerely hope that the TTOR has changed its tone of lack of action and collaboration, and that it decides to act decisively to extend the lease to Grey Barn and Farm for Ben and Molly Glasgow. Let’s work together to support and encourage folks who are true stewards of the land and are working to solve this Island’s climate, workforce, and housing concerns!


Amy Cody