Money raised to go to end gun violence


To the Editor:

Our 22-year-old Vineyard book group thanks our wider community for attending our yard sale this past Sunday, Sept. 25, and helping us raise $2,700. We are sending these proceeds to Brady United, a gun control organization that seeks through education, state legislatures, and the federal government to end the epidemic of gun violence in our nation. 

Brady United is named after Jim Brady, who was Ronald Reagan’s press secretary. When Ronald Reagan, two law officers, and Jim Brady were shot in 1981, Jim Brady was permanently paralyzed, and never able to return to his press job. His wife Sarah and he worked the rest of their lives on the effort to end gun violence. In 1994, Congress passed the Brady Background Check Bill, which President Clinton then signed into law. This law is said to have prevented 4 million sales of arms by federally licensed gun sellers.

Jean Hay
Vineyard Haven