Tisbury: Fiber and fabric, composting, and portable magic

—MV Times

Heard on Main Street: Be yourself. People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to care.

On Thursday evenings, the Falmouth Genealogical Society is offering information online, including this evening, from 7 to 8 pm. Register at falmouthpubliclibrary.org/events.

The Vineyard Haven library will have a Fiber and Fabric Sale to benefit the library on Saturday, Oct. 15, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. Yarns, fabrics, and needles at bargain prices. Sale continues on Sunday, Oct. 16, at 1 pm, if materials last. Donations accepted during regular library hours through Thursday, Oct. 13.

Did you know there are claims that increasing composting around the world would have a carbon emissions savings roughly equal to taking 15 million cars off the road for 30 years? Even if not as much, it can’t hurt. On Saturday, Oct. 15, at 10:20 am, you can join Island Grown and Roxanne Kapitan to learn more about home composting and planting perennial edibles. Contact IGI to register: igimv.org

I found a new author I adore. That was because a friend ordered a used paperback from Amazon, a story called “The Winter Mystery,” by Faith Martin. Of course, she’s a British author, though I did find that our CLAMS libraries have some of her books. But for the most part the stories are now only available as e-books.

Stephen King called books “deeply portable magic,” and I must agree. I’ve always enjoyed reading, mostly fiction, and while I find his books a little much, there was a time I loved all of his stories. It is indeed “portable magic.”

Did you know that the CDC claims 40,000 Americans died this year, only in the summer months? Of course, the CDC also reported that people under 50 are now less likely to be severely ill. Although I have heard that any age group may get the side effects to the illness called long COVID.

How can people even think of not wearing masks? Sure, I am less likely to insist you or I need one, now that it seems that the worst is over. But there are simply times not worth taking this risk.

I was surprised when someone I knew felt perfectly comfortable entertaining a relative who was a member of a family just hit with COVID. They wore masks, but didn’t even think of meeting outdoors. Even wearing a mask is not the same as being careful in such a situation. I had to admit to feeling squirrelly about getting together with anyone in that situation.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Donald Childs. Happy birthday to Pat Benway tomorrow. Wish the best on Wednesday to Ryan David Dunbar, also to Lee Lowe and his uncle Chris Lowe.

Heard on Main Street: If I’m ever on life support, unplug me. Then plug me back in and see if that works.

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