Committee brings ‘meaningful results’


To the Editor:

With regard to the article in the Oct. 20 edition titled “W.T. affordable housing committee on hot seat,” it would seem that the title belies the content. Far from being on a “hot seat,” the committee was applauded by select board member Cynthia Mitchell for doing a “fantastic job,” as indicated in the second paragraph of the article. 

Except for some animus and an ad hominem attack on an absent committee member, the Oct. 17 meeting, which presumably the article refers to, was in my view cordial and productive. The affordable housing committee has worked long and hard, in conjunction with town officials and developers such as Island Housing Trust, to provide housing for residents of the town. There is sometimes disagreement about deliverables for a project, but a reasonable analysis would show that the committee, in the words of Ms. Mitchell, has brought “meaningful results.”

Clearly there may be those who believe that the committee could do a better job. I would invite them to attend meetings and perhaps join the committee. It might be easier to offer criticism when sitting at the table than from the outside.

Ted Jochsberger
West Tisbury