Helping hand when it was needed


To the Editor:

This is in reference to the article in last week’s paper, “Upheaval at church food program.”

 I have known Joe Capobianco and his family for almost 30 years. During some rough spots when I needed a hand, Joe was there. And when I tried to thank him for what he’d done, he would modestly shrug and say, “It had to be done.”

For the past 13 years, he has represented the Good Shepherd Parish with unfailing humor, grace, kindness, and compassion. And that was before COVID hit. During the height of the pandemic, Joe was truly a first responder. I’m sure he would have loved to cocoon himself away in his house like many of us did, but instead he dedicated himself to making sure those unexpectedly unemployed had the ability to feed their families, in addition to the work he was already doing for those in need.

Joe Capobianco is one of the most true and beloved examples of a living, breathing church. With the community response, I know he will land on another way to help the Island, and I’m hoping that his next partnership will be more inclusive of the Island as a whole. I hope all of us who have been touched by his generous heart reach out to him and his family to say thank you and offer a hand in return.


Nancy Nordin
West Tisbury