Is moving the only answer?


I decided to do some research on the Falmouth problem with the windfarm lawsuit. I will make it as short as possible and just include some of the key points. 

#1. The idea of suing for a lot of compensation to deter the developer and town of Tisbury from harming citizens is a fantasy. The person most harmed had built his own home and a garden to be peaceful after he spent 19 months in Viet Nam as a helicopter door gunner. The lawsuit went on for eight years, he spent over $100,000 of his own money in legal fees and in the end was paid $37,500 in compensation. 

In addition, he and his wife spent a lot on gas money as they drove around to get away from the noise. The town of Falmouth was nasty to them, citizens were, and people threw eggs at their home.

# 2. The town of Falmouth brought the lawsuit and it cost them $6.6 million for tower 1 and $4.2 million for tower 2, and it cost them $40,000 to demolish and dispose of them. Overall cost to the town was estimated at $12 million. 

#3. “We depleted our life savings, and re-financed the house 3 times. I am 72 years old and have a 30 year mortgage. We are selling and moving off Cape.” 

What will we do about the loud noise from the concert? Is moving the only answer? 

Frank Brunelle
Vineyard Haven