Support moratorium on Tashmoo Lake


To the Editor:

We write to publicly acknowledge the difficult choice to impose a moratorium on anchoring in Lake Tashmoo recently voted by the Tisbury Select Board, and to thank them for doing so. 

It is the responsibility of our town leaders, ultimately, to steward the town’s resources, both natural and financial, for the benefit of all, not just for the present, but into the future. It does appear that everyone present for the discussion acknowledges the stress imposed on our natural resources from overuse. 

This is, after all, a challenge throughout the Island, and other beautiful places people are attracted to. What is also apparent is that we haven’t yet found a fair and manageable way to limit the use enough to preserve the health and longevity of the resource. 

The select board unanimously stated their intent in voting for this moratorium was that it not be the permanent solution. To the contrary, the imposition of an anchoring ban is a huge incentive for all stakeholders to come together to find those solutions. As stated, this is to be part of a plan for the overall management of Lake Tashmoo, with the goal of preserving water quality, which is the basis for TWI’s advocacy. 

The discussion revealed many good ideas that should be seen as encouraging. These ideas include alternatives to anchoring that still allow a limited number of guests to moor in the lake. 

Let’s try to hear all the ideas, keeping in mind the goal of preserving the pond, and help our town leaders chart a course.


Melinda Loberg, president

Tisbury Waterways Inc. Board