Oak Bluffs: Island Community Chorus, ‘Jaws’ exhibit, Circuit Arts, and community greenhouse

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“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”  –Casey Kasem, radio disc jockey, creator of “American Top 40”

The most fun radio to listen to in the ’70s was Casey Kasem’s Top 40 show. We heard the top hits, the new hits, and lots of music history and trivia. He was funny, current, and knowledgeable about music. He wasn’t much older than our parents, but he got us teens. He continued the top 40 show in various forms until 2009. He died in 2014 at age 82. His birthday is April 27. Thanks for the music, Casey!

I enjoyed my visit to Savannah, Ga., last week. It is a beautiful city, filled with lush, green parks and squares, and lots of history. The riverfront is a bustling port with boats of all sizes, and provides beautiful walkways lined with storefronts, galleries, and pubs. We happened upon a hot blues band playing in a square facing the river, and joined the dancers in the street for an hour. The people we met were friendly and fun. We visited our Oak Bluffs neighbor, writer (and former associate publisher of The Times) Jamie Kageleiry, who showed us around and gave us great tips for our sightseeing. We just missed seeing her kids, Hallie and Ian, who had been enjoying Savannah the week before.

We were very well-behaved tourists — as I assume most Vineyarders are, due to our training every summer in tourist etiquette (good and bad).

Don’t miss the Island Community Chorus spring concert this weekend. Shows are Saturday, April 29, at 7:30 pm, and Sunday, April 30, at 3 pm at the Old Whaling Church. Suggested donation is $20.

Does the beginning of the theme song for “Jaws” make you feel anxious or nostalgic? The M.V. Museum is hosting a great exhibit “Jaws: Creating Amity Island.” This show features photographs, videos, souvenirs, and memories from that time in 1974 when 27-year-old Steven Spielberg and his crew were on the Island, setting up and filming the movie that would become the first big summer blockbuster. Familiar people and places can be seen throughout the exhibit, which will be up for the next year.

“Locals” will be presented by Circuit Arts at the Grange Hall on Thursday, April 27, and Friday, April 28, both shows at 7 pm. It’s a mini-festival of performance art including Improv (something we have been missing!), music, reading, storytelling, and dance by our fabulous local talent.

Another chance to enjoy local talent is this Friday, April 28, at Pathways. “A Night of Jazz and Song” will present the Jeremy Berlin Trio backing vocalists including Shelagh Hackett and Gordon Healy. This fabulous free event starts at 7 pm.

The Community Greenhouse of Martha’s Vineyard is getting ready for the planting season. The greenhouse is filled with seedlings, and soon will be overflowing with everything for your garden — healthy vegetable and herb seedlings, gorgeous annuals and perennials, beautiful hanging baskets. Its first spring sale happens over Mother’s Day weekend; watch for it. The prices are reasonable, and discounted further for members. The greenhouse is run by its members, with a board of directors and a small army of volunteers, who do everything from planting and weeding to running sales. Toni Kauffman is the volunteer coordinator — you can email her if you’d like to join the team and help the greenhouse grow: greenhousevineyard@gmail.com. Become a member and get their emails about advance sales and other news.

Wrapping up April birthdays, we send bunches of balloons to Melanie Rivers and Tabitha Clark on the 28th, Beth Glynn and Elizabeth McMahon on the 29th, and Penelope Wong on the 30th. Sing “Happy Birthday” to super-mom Courtney Campbell and super-principal Megan Farrell, both on May 2.

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