West Tisbury needs to honor inclusivity, also


To the Editor:

Here is a quote from a recent editorial in The Times regarding flag policy in Oak Bluffs. It’s the third editorial on the topic, all of which put Oak Bluffs in a bad light. “Select board members are elected to make the right decisions. Those might be difficult choices, but representing the will of the community is their duty. We hope they honor that commitment.” 

This attitude is only extended to the Oak Bluffs Select Bboard. Somehow the West Tisbury Select Board has immunity when it comes to the above quote. Here is a quote from West Tisbury’s diversity statement: “The select board believes it has a responsibility to capitalize on the strength emanating from these differences, and has a duty to ensure its employees, citizens, business associates, and the members of the general public are treated with dignity and respect in all of their duties and dealings with the town of West Tisbury.” 

That was three years ago, and they still won’t allow the general public on Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park. While the Oak Bluffs Select Board has been carefully crafting a flag policy to be inclusive, the West Tisbury Select Board has been indifferent at best to their “responsibility.” 

As for the West Tisbury diversity task force, created after the diversity statement, your board is a joke, and the work you do is pathetic.

Erik Albert

Oak Bluffs