Lambert’s Cove Beach is inclusive


To the Editor:

Shame on you for making Erik Albert’s latest complaint a “Hot Topic Letter” in The Minute without checking any of his allegations. If you’d bothered to ask any member of West Tisbury’s Task Force Against Discrimination, you would have learned that we put Mr. Albert on our agenda over a year ago at his request, and he failed to show up. If you’d bothered to check the diversity statement that created the task force, you would have learned that the task force focuses on diversity involving “race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, economic status, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation.”

Note that “town of residence” is not listed. If a West Tisbury resident was denied access to Lambert’s Cove Beach for any of those reasons, I believe the task force would be all over it. Mr. Albert is not a West Tisbury resident, so he’s advised to pursue his grievance through other channels.

Susanna J. Sturgis, chair
West Tisbury Task Force Against Discrimination