Church restoration brought diversity of views


To the Editor:

For those who couldn’t stop by and say hello to the volunteers working on the Aquinnah Church project, I’ll tell you that you missed a great opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people you can imagine! Native Americans from all areas of the country. Each volunteering one to two weeks of their time to help restore the oldest Native American church in North America. Each person with a unique culture and story to share. It was a wonderful experience for all involved. 

We all know about the Native Americans and the atrocities committed against them. This was not an event for furthering this. This event was to promote a diversity of views. For building a better understanding between people. It was the best community event I have experienced in a long while. I am still grinning from ear to ear about some of the memories I have from spending time with these kind and wonderful people! I wish more local people could have been there. We all have a lot more to learn from one another.


Thomas Green