MV Sound Fest a success


To the Editor:

As someone from the community, a performer, and an audience member, I want to congratulate Phil Darosa and his team for the job they did organizing and producing the MV Sound music festival on May 28 at Cove Mini Golf. Somehow the industrial parking lot in the back transforms into a legitimate festival arena, with a natural stage up on the rocks fronted by plants and greenery, with the backdrop of Trip Barnes’ old Atlas Van Line trailers; the food trucks and tents in the back on the Shirley’s side of the property are accessible and cozy, and the sound was big enough to make us feel the music without being too loud. The price was right for a long day of varied music: some Island bands, some visitors, including two exciting reggae outfits, and the turnovers and pace seemed just right. 

Great job, and appreciation as well to the abutters, Shirley’s and Cronig’s, for easy load-in and parking, and Brook Katzen, who owns the business and property, and is very much behind hosting these events. Lastly, thanks to the town for backing this great idea and allowing it to happen.


Jeremy Berlin
West Tisbury