Say no to the police patrol boat


To the Editor:

I cannot support the idea of spending more taxpayer money on a boat for the police. Most of us are struggling to pay extra taxes for the school underestimate; let’s nip this one in the bud. Harbormaster Crocker says in his 17 years here, he’s only requested police help four or five times, or once every three years, and they have asked his help an equal number of times. Somebody mentioned issues on Steamship ferries. Well, some little boat isn’t going to go to sea and to get onboard to break it up. There are State Police and local police at both ports. If a real issue arises, it should go to real experts: the Coast Guard. 

$1,000 a month is a waste of money and policemen’s time, which would be better used (based on a number of articles in this paper) studying laws applied to land-based issues.

Tim Whiting