Library guest limitations warranted


To the Editor:

First, I am always delighted when I see Jack Fruchtman has contributed to the paper because I know what he has to say will be informative, balanced, and more fact than opinion (Essay, “The Dershowitz flap at the Chilmark Free Public Library,” June 14). Thank you. 

And in answer to the comment online, yes, an appearance by Alan Dershowitz will draw a crowd of more than 25 people, and it will be guaranteed to be a circus. Obviously he has a right to speak publicly, but he seems to love stirring up controversy (to generate publicity for himself?), which unfortunately other people then have to deal with. No librarian should be subjected to death threats (as was reported last year) because they are trying to do their job. 

Thank you to the Chilmark library trustees and staff for setting reasonable limits. And to Mr. Dershowitz: It is fair and reasonable to limit the audience of anyone whose presence has historically been disruptive. I’m sure if any other speaker provokes the violent threats and uncivil behavior which your appearances have generated in the past, then the library will impose the same restrictions on them. 

Ellen T. Miller
Vineyard Haven