Beach policy discriminatory


To the Editor:

This is a reply to the letter from Susanna J. Sturgis (“Lambert’s Cove Beach is inclusive,” May 18), the chair of West Tisbury Task Force Against Discrimination.

The main point of her letter was this quote from the diversity statement: “The task force focuses on diversity involving ‘race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, economic status, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation.” She also correctly states that “town of residence” is not listed.

It should be noted, however, that she didn’t quote the entire sentence. This is the first part that she omitted: “The goal is to maintain a community where all individuals are welcome regardless.” Here is another quote from the diversity statement: “The Board of Selectmen believes it has a duty to ensure members of the general public are treated with dignity and respect in all of their duties and dealings with the town of West Tisbury.” Here is another quote: “To listen, to engage and to be mindful in creating and maintaining a level of service that respects every person.” 

Somehow, the select board and the diversity task force feel they can still have exclusionary policies that deny the general public access at Lambert’s Cove Beach, a town park, while having this diversity statement.


Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs