Report of a Dangerous Legal Drug


To the Editor:

Recently I had to rush someone to a hospital treatment center for erratic behavior and extreme addiction to a common street drug sold freely in most states, including Massachusetts. Its generic name is tianeptine, commonly sold as Za Za, T-D Red, or Tianna. It is often labeled as “gas station heroin” as many gas stations started to sell it. Thousands of mostly young adults are addicted to it right now.

The addictive qualities of this drug exceeds that of opiates, and the withdrawal process is also worse than opiates. The drug can be very expensive as the half life is very short, so the user must take it every 2-3 hours. It also does not show up in a standard drug test, so it is very popular for those living in halfway houses or other treatment centers who wish to evade detection. Not only can it cause psychosis, tremors or seizures, several have died from its abuse. It is also readily available by online mail order.

Though only a few States have banned it, Massachusetts has not. I am simply asking you to take this drug off the “over the counter” and online market.




Paul D. Adler