Response to Levine letter


To the Editor:

The Levine letter (“Wary of Chabad movement,” June 29) had to be the most audacious letter I have yet to read in many years. Mrs. Levine is attacking a newly formed religious group on the Island, spreading rumors, with many misconceptions and untruths. Let’s examine her motives.

My wife and I were fortunate to attend several Chabad events. Despite what Levine suggests, many Chabad attendees are very much Island residents. I have been an Island year-round resident for more than 45 years. The social activities I attended were purely intellectual social experiences, hosted by a kind and gentle family. In fact, anyone is welcome, of all faiths.

Levine, for unknown reasons, disparaged the Chabad for receiving substantial charitable donations, which would normally be the envy of any religious group. In fact, most religious organizations are typically supported by such donations. The fact it is supported by many charitable donors is a testament to the value of what this organization offers.

This organization makes absolutely no attempt to convert anyone, or press its religious views. It has no purpose other than social gatherings, education, and promotion of Jewish culture.

Levine even attacks the summer speaker series, claiming it will soon host a former Israeli prime minister who she claims has conservative politics. Well, I just may want to hear his politics, and I don’t appreciate anyone telling me who they see fit as a speaker for my benefit.

At the end of the Levine letter, Levine finally exposes her true motive, which is to diminish the value of the new Chabad and promote the M.V. Hebrew Center. Well, there is room for both, and maybe even more. According to Levine, I guess we should now only have one church, one religion, one gas station, and one grocery store.

I suggest Mrs. Levine maybe have someone proofread her editorial comments before submitting them. Better yet, she should attend a Chabad function so she can see for herself that her statements lack any merit.


Paul Adler