Lucy Vincent Guards Save The Day


To the Editor:

We are so lucky to have diligent beach staff in Chilmark this year and all years. There was a brave rescue on Tuesday of a 73-year-old man who immediately upon arrival at Lucy Vincent Beach, leaped delightedly into the dangerous chop.

He was doing okay, according to him, as he is an avid cyclist with strength and lungs of half his age, but the lifeguard on land, Zac, on his first day working the beach this year, wisely noticed the gentleman was getting pulled out to see by a strong riptide. Zac radioed in for reinforcements and soon after, another guard swam out with a green lifeguard buoy. The gentleman and the guard were then both caught in the rip tide and unable to swim back in. Another guard went out with a red buoy, but eventually a guard with a rescue surfboard paddled out and in a cooperative effort the three guards and the gentleman were able to break the grip of the agitated sea and make it to shore all unharmed.

Kudos, thanks, admiration, gratefulness goes out to all involved both on land and sea. A cooperative team and some strong swimming skills on everyone’s part — even on the gentleman’s part —saved the day. We were happy the gentleman was able to be with us for dinner that night. He was our guest.


Harriet Bernstein