Global Black art and culture exhibit at Eisenhauer Gallery

Janice Frame is part of the art and culture exhibit. —Courtesy Eisenhauer Gallery

To celebrate the contributions of Black artists worldwide, the Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown will showcase a collection of emerging and established Black artists from Edgartown to Lagos. The celebratory show features artists Janice Frame, Affen Segun, Lily Sol, and Theophilus Tetteh, and runs August 8 to 16.

Janice Frame, Edgartown pioneer in digital media and collage, aims to dispel European beauty standards by painting over high-resolution photographs of her subjects. Frame uses collaged fabric and paper to adorn their faces and bodies, creating a profound presentation of African beauty. 

Affen Segun’s portraits focus on the joy of Blackness and womanhood. Segun hails from Lagos, Nigeria, and uses brightly patterned Ankara fabric to complement the strong yellow backdrops of his paintings. Segun is thrilled to be featured in the upcoming collection, which will serve as his debut at the Eisenhauer Gallery. 

Lily Sol, from Berkeley, Calif., beautifully alters her subjects in an abstract, sensitive, and thought-provoking fashion. “I try my best to pour all of my positive, nurturing, and free-spirit energy into my creations. I love using bright colors next to earth tones and bold marks, mixed with a sense of elegance to create balance and harmony. Like a flower who is rooted and grounded in the dirt, yet growing upward to the sky in all its beauty,” Sol said in a press release from the gallery. 

Coming from Accra, Ghana, Theophilus Tetteh’s work condenses the sentiments and tensions of his characters into bold and daring subjects. By examining the psychological conditions of the human experience, Tetteh approaches his work with care and consideration. Experimenting with content, form, color, and texture, he manipulates paint through swift brush strokes and thick impasto. 


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