18th annual International Film Festival comes to the Film Center


Arriving at the M.V. Film Center on Tuesday, Sept. 5, is the International Film Festival, now in its 18th year. It will run for six days, from Sept. 5 to Sunday, Sept. 10.

The festival begins on Sept. 5 with the Swiss film “Golden Years.” In it, Alice and Peter celebrate their retirement in the Mediterranean, when Alice discovers that her deceased friend, Magalie, has had an affair for 15 years. The couple join Magalie’s husband Heinz on a cruise, after which Alice leaves to find Magalie’s lover.

Also playing on Sept. 5 is “Scrapper,” a British comedy about Georgie, a 12-year-old girl who lives alone after her mother dies. She and her friend Ali steal bikes to get by, until her father Jason shows up.

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, comes “The Gullspang Miracle,” a Swedish film about three women, two of whom buy an apartment. A third, the older of the three, who committed suicide 30 years ago, comes back. On top of it is an unsolved crime.

The second film that day, “Ramona,” is a romantic comedy that also plays on Sept. 6. This Spanish film concerns a young woman living in Madrid who aspires to be an actress, and then meets Bruno, who turns out to be a surprise.

The opening night will occur on Thursday, Sept. 7, beginning with a reception that includes champagne and other drinks, as well as snacks and ice cream. The film “The Eight Mountains” follows. Its hauntingly beautiful story concerns two men who are very different, and depicts their friendship in the mountains.

Friday night, Sept. 8, brings the Mexican film “Gods of Mexico,” about vast landscapes and small rural communities. Next come the juried shorts, followed by “Return to Dust” from China. This film shows an arranged marriage that leads to a growing agricultural crop.

On Saturday, Sept. 9, an Estonian film, “Smoke, Sauna, Sisterhood,” describes the naked bodies of women in the sauna tradition. Another film on Saturday is the American “Finestkind,” about two fishermen who are brothers, faced with a violent Boston crime gang. Director Brian Heldegang will appear after the film for a Q and A.

The concluding day, Sunday, Sept. 10, features “Casablanca Beats” from Morocco, about teenage rappers, mainly girls, in a feminist-oriented hip-hop musical. The Israeli film, “Elik and Jimmy,” also plays Sunday. It’s about two Army buddies who in their 30s become friends again.

Last of all comes “Totém,” about the chaotic preparations for 7-year-old Sol’s birthday party. The final night’s party will take place at Fish MV in Vineyard Haven.

Information and tickets for the International Film Festival are available from mvfilmsociety.com.