To the Editor: 

It seems that Trump is more of a “uniter” than I thought.

Who would have ever thought that Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton would agree about the cultists who praise Trump. Hillary called them “a basket of deplorables,” and DeSantos recently called them “listless vessels.” If we mash it all up, we get a “basket of deplorable, listless vessels.” BODELIVES! Kind of a catchy word, don’t cha’ think ? 

Some of the other things people call the maganuts are getting old, and this term is truly bipartisan. But let’s give Biden some credit for unifying the country also. He is helping to fund a war and supply military hardware and training to Ukraine in an effort to stop a ruthless communist dictator who has invaded a sovereign democratic nation. And what do you know? Suddenly, the conservatives have found a war they don’t like. 

The politically conservative right-wing “patriots” have waved the flag and honored the millions of fallen soldiers in their battle against tyranny and communism. For decades.

Conservatives have supported the war against Hitler, the war against a communist takeover of Korea, the war against a communist takeover of Vietnam, the invasion of Kuwait by a megalomaniacal dictator, the removal of the Taliban and ensuing war in Afghanistan after they supported a terrorist organization that attacked our country, the U.S military assistance to help facilitate the assassination of a ruthless dictator in Libya, the war against ISIS, and the war against the aforementioned dictator for who knows what reason in Iraq (sorry for the run-on sentence).
In short, they have stood strong against any incursion anywhere in the world, to defend the values of democracy and freedom. That is, until Joe Biden came along and continued that tradition. Even some highly decorated and outspoken veterans are apparently all in for a communist dictator invading the sovereign country of Ukraine.
The few dollars that the most prosperous country in the history of the world is spending to keep a ruthless dictator from slaughtering millions of people, turning Ukraine into a Soviet-style, communist country and taking over some of the most productive farmland on the planet — which produces nearly 20 percent of the world’s grain — are nothing compared with the millions of lives that were sacrificed in numerous conflicts to keep people free to live their lives as they choose (sorry for another run-on sentence).

And the conservatives hate it. It is usually the liberals who are against wars. 

I think it’s 100 percent because Joe Biden is the president of the United States, and the right-wingers cannot agree with anything he does. As an example, he didn’t go to Hawaii, and they criticized him. Then he went to Hawaii and was, in their opinion, a national disgrace because he met with a group of people who were searching for human remains with their trained dogs, and he actually petted one of the dogs. Yes, he actually touched it! He also noted that the dog was wearing insulated boots because there are still hot spots from smoldering roots underground. If everything else doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense, that one clearly does. 


Don Keller
Vineyard Haven