West Tisbury: Signs of autumn, Council on Aging, Falls Prevention Month, and Fossil Day

— MV Times

The wind has been blowing all day. I can feel it at my back as I sit on my sofa, writing, with the windows open behind me, watching branches whip back and forth. Mike and I have been preparing for the possibility of a storm, Hurricane Lee, that may or may not affect us. He may be spending the night at the firehouse; Chief Pachico has alerted the department that they may need to be on call at the station if the storm is bad.

The above was my first opening paragraph for this week’s column. I wrote it on Friday, although it was already clear that Hurricane Lee would be little more than a windy, rainy day. Nothing more, nothing less. All that preparation is what we all do before an impending storm; it’s always prudent to be safe rather than sorry, then feel relief if/when it proves for naught.

It’s Sunday now, so I will begin again with a comment about what a sunny, dry, peaceful day it is. Mike has gone off to the firehouse for radio check, and to pick up the Sunday New York Times. We have no special plans for the day, just to take a walk with Abby, pet Nelson, putter around the house doing chores, and for me, write my column.

I have to comment on the Mill Pond. Driving past, it looks to be already showing a rusty orange tint to the summer green. It’s not unattractive; I have always liked to observe the changing colors and the shapes as watery inlets carve into and through it. I have noticed colors changing in other places around town and in our woods. It just seems early to me.

Along that train of thought, we seem to be putting lights on in our house earlier and more regularly. It’s still dark in the morning when Abby and Nelson wake me up to be fed. I turn them on even before Mike comes home in the evening.

Jen Rand has asked that I mention the Howes House/Up-Island Council on Aging is looking for people interested in serving on its board. You may call Jen at 508-696-0102 or email townadmin@westtisbury-ma.gov.

September is National Falls Prevention Month. Check with the Up-Island Council on Aging, 508-693-2896, or Healthy Aging M.V., lynnmarquedant@hamv.org, for programs, screenings, exercise, and information.

Vineyard Conservation Society and Beach BeFrienders are coming to Lambert’s Cove Beach this Saturday, Sept. 23, and they are looking for volunteers to help clean up the beach between 8 and 10 am. They will have cleanup supplies as well as some perks for kids: Mad Martha’s tokens and special prizes for finding the smallest piece of trash.

The Ceremony of Remembrance for children who have passed away will be held at Edgartown lighthouse this Saturday at 1 pm.

Sept. 23 is National Fossil Day. Fred Hotchkiss has sent his description of the annual event he and several colleagues organize and host. It will be at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs this year, next Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, from 2 to 6 pm. Everyone is invited to bring fossils to show, to talk or ask about, to meet fellow enthusiasts. There will be materials and information by the presenters: Martha’s Vineyard Museum; paleontologist Jessica Utrip from the Yale Peabody Museum; paleobiologist Fred Hotchkiss of the Marine and Paleobiological Research Institute; prehistorian and collector Duncan Caldwell; forester and naturalist Bob Woodruff; dinosaur finder and expert Henry Kriegstein; shellfish expert Rick Karney; paleontologist Charlie Shabica; visionary biologist Dr. Robin Kolnicki; Oak Bluffs Library children’s assistant Mary Jane Aldrich-Moody; avocational local geologist Bart Jarek; and members of the public.

I haven’t dared look carefully at my garden since Saturday. It looks fine from the porch, and I plan to remain in my comfortable ignorance at least until this column is finished.

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