With gratitude to Carl Widdiss’ Aquinnah and Island family


To the Editor:

On August 24, a very special ceremony took place here in Aquinnah. It included the groundbreaking for four affordable rental units, along with the naming of the roadway leading to them. On this day, Carl M. Widdiss, my husband and the founder of this project, was honored in a most special way. The ceremony was full of his Aquinnah, tribal, and Island family. All were there to support, honor, and pay tribute to Carl, a man they had loved and respected for many years. A community making sure his wishes became a reality. A little town that had the heart to recognize, and make sure Carl would never be forgotten, in the naming of the road, Carl Widdiss Way.

Thanks to Derrill Bazzy, the sign was ready and waiting for all to admire. He put much time and effort into this project, making sure it was carried forward for Carl. And yes, both Carl’s family and mine were made aware in advance of the dedication and ceremony. So all were welcome, and had the opportunity to contribute or participate in any way, if they so chose — as did Carl’s nephew Heath, his niece Josie, and his stepdaughter Gimili. All were there to support and honor Carl, whom they loved dearly. Members of our community and tribe, Juli, Carole, Faith, and Zak, all honored Carl, with their tributes of kind words and song. It was one glorious day, and never to be forgotten, filled with many special words of gratitude for Carl.

Even though, as some of you may know, a bogus attempt to cast a shadow upon this tribute was made based on false accusations and untruths. It failed. Unfortunately, it seems only to have resulted in a sad embarrassment for those who chose that route, and possibly their loved ones. However, Carl’s light shone through it all, and his day prevailed. Rest assured, he was not only very pleased, but deeply touched by the way his day unfolded.

I speak for both of us when I say thank you to all, from the bottom of our hearts. Lastly, I leave you with Carl’s own words, which he lived by each and every day: “It’s not how much time you get to live on this earth, but how you choose to spend the time you have.”


Pam (and Carl) Glavin-Widdiss