Up-Island hypocrisy


To the Editor:

I take issue with a recent opinion piece by Vicki Divoll, a Chilmark resident, and a retired lawyer (“Can anonymous cash donations be accepted by a public school committee?” Sept. 20). It was about the high school receiving anonymous money for their court battle with the town of Oak Bluffs. She uses the term “Islander” three times in the piece to convey her “we’re-all-in-this-together” theme. 

It’s classic up-Island hypocrisy. They only use the term when it’s to their advantage. If it’s something they don’t want, they are “Chilmark residents.” For example, the town of Chilmark used Community Preservation Act money, public money, to redo the Squibnocket parking lot. They won’t, however, let Islanders on the beach there, because they are selfish, and don’t really care about Islanders.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs