Aquinnah: Community playground, Outermost Inn, Stony Creek Gifts, and October birthdays

—MV Times

I’m delighted to report that our playground behind the Town Hall is rapidly becoming a reality. Isaac Taylor has spent many long hours during the past few weeks clearing the land, grading, removing topsoil, and generally loving up the place. Eric Litt has generously donated equipment and time to help make it happen. Our kids, and those of future generations, owe Isaac and Eric huge thanks. Now the crew has arrived, and, thanks to Sam and Laura Hart, Susan Collins, and Jim Wallen, they are housed and working. Volunteers are still needed to help, but the crew has asked that the volunteer days be changed. Please note: Volunteers are now needed ONLY on Nov. 4, not as previously scheduled. If you wish to sign up to volunteer on Nov. 4, please go to the town website, where you will find a signup form.

The Outermost Inn has been closed for the past few weeks to give the staff a hard-earned rest. It will reopen this coming weekend, not as a dinner house, but with a whole new schedule. With the outrageously talented pair of Liz Anderson (whom you know as the Outermost pastry chef) and Tyler Potter (of Swimming Pig) in the kitchen, they will begin with a preview brunch on Saturday, the 28th, from 10:30 until 2 pm. Brunch will then be served every Sunday (including the 29th) until they end this shoulder season in early January. Starting on Thursday, Nov. 2, they will add Thursday through Saturday lunch to the schedule, serving from 11 am until 2 pm. Alex requests that parties of six or more make prior reservations.

I spoke with my pal and fellow shelter organizer, Carla Cuch, today. She informs me that Stony Creek Gifts, up on the Cliffs, is open every day until the end of October, and then open on weekends through November. But her biggest news is that she will turn 70 on Oct. 31. Carla is a great example of how beautiful, smart, and brave 70 can be. Go by and wish her happy birthday.

On the subject of birthdays, on Oct. 29, cheer for Buddy Vanderhoop. While I was gone, I missed giving a column shout-out to Curtis Langer on Oct. 22, and to Isaac Taylor on the 25th. These three fellows are among the best we have. I’m not big on horoscopes, but there must be some kind of good energy given to babies born during this late October time. Carla, Buddy, Curtis, and Isaac are the bunch you’d want with you if you ever got stranded. Between them, you’d be able to build anything, stay healthy, eat well, and have fun.

I missed the past few columns because I was in California with my extended family. It was the first time in many years that we have all been gathered together. So, together, we mourned the loss of three of our best that occurred during these past few months, and after we cried together, we worked together on preparing for and presenting a memorial celebration, and then we danced and sang and laughed and held one another. It was profoundly good.

That said, I am glad to be back home, and look forward to a fall filled with quiet walks, reading by the fire, helping our Aquinnah library, painting items for the Aquinnah Artisans Fair, and being with my little Aquinnah family.

Have a happy Halloween, and remember to send me your news!

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