Chilmark: Offering of Music and Light, prompt-inspired poetry, and making fire cider

—MV Times

I wish I could hold the sands of time.

I really miss my deceased loved ones, and have come to understand, with a shock, we have become the elders. Much is falling on our shoulders, and I value time with friends and family.

I’m practicing going to gatherings, and am terrible at small talk. Who knows what counts? I’m starting to ask, What has been your happiest moment so far?

I appreciate hearing stories and memories.

Last night’s Offering of Music and Light at the Chilmark Church was beautiful, comforting, and poignant. The mixture of music and poetry. The gathering of friends and strangers. The Rev. Charlotte Wright gave a warm welcome and remembrance of Lia Littlefield Kahler. We were grateful to have Mark Lovewell and Molly Conole open. They had to race back down-Island to host their live “Sunday at Sea” show. Seán McMahon gave us a story and song. Donald Nitchie’s poems, especially the one about writing Christmas cards with his mother, brought back good memories and tears to my eyes. Missis Biskis’ vocals, standup bass, guitars, and fabulous piano playing were awesome. Forgive me, Ellen, I cannot come up with the names of everyone who played with you. Adele Dreyer brought in the light with “Clair de lune.” Warren Doty and the Loon Players opened with Jane Slater’s rousing song “Aphrodite,” i.e., the Warren Cannonball. It is a wonderful song, and it was fabulous to see Jane sitting in the front row. The Loon Lane Players are Jack Cushman, Warren Doty, Andy Goldman, and Chuck Hodgkinson. Thank you to all of the performers. It took many hands. Folks cooked, served, set up, and cleaned up — thank you to Julie Flanders and friends for decorating the church for the holidays, and Emily Broderick, Kathie Carroll, Barbara Flanders, Anne Noyes, and Shirley Kennedy, to name a few. The next Offering of Music and Light will be Sunday, Jan. 7. Dec. 5 would have been Lia Kahler’s 79th birthday party.

Sending a happy birthday week of wishes to Frederick Hotchkiss, my uncle.

Tuesday, December 12, 7:30 to 9 pm, Pathways Writers and Poets and Donald Nitchie’s Poetry Group will read their creations from this prompt: “Write a poem about newly appreciating something/someone you once disliked (or hated).” Doors open at 7 pm. Bring your poem!

I like spice, and can use a remedy to help ward off colds and the flu. Saturday, Dec. 9 at 3 pm at the Chilmark library, Laurisa Rich presents a “Fire Cider Workshop.”

Fire cider is a folk remedy based on apple cider vinegar and honey, used against flu and common colds, and may help relieve nasal congestion, support digestion, warm the body, and boost immunity. In this class you will learn how to make it, and stay healthy this winter! Please email to register for this class. It’s free, sponsored by the Friends of the Chilmark Library. Call 508-645-3360 for more information.

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