Vineyard swimmers win big in Barnstable

The MVRHS varsity swim team won big against Barnstable. —Nancy Silva

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School varsity swim team took home the win against Barnstable during a swim meet on Friday, Dec. 15. 

The girls took a comeback victory with an 84-79 win, and the boys won 92-40.

This is the first league meet the girls have won since the 2020–21 swim season. 

The girls started off the evening with the 200 medley relay. The A team, consisting of senior captain Olympia Hall, junior captain Sylvia Carroll, junior Paula Gesche, and Nora Motahari, placed second with a 2:21.86 time. On the B team, seventh grader Maybeline Brown, sophomore Leah Debettencourt, freshman Leah Thomson, and eighth grader Nora Duncheva placed in third with a 2:49 time. In the C team, seventh grader Adele Stearns, freshman Caylie Whitney, freshman Zoe Treitman, and seventh grader Emmy Treitman placed fifth, with a time of 3:13.99. 

For the boys, A team senior captain Emmett Silva, senior captain Simon Hammarlund, senior captain Andy Carr, and junior Kaua DeAssis took first place with a 2:00.29 time. On the B team, sophomore Grady Stalgren, junior Anthony Pruciano, sophomore Ronan Mullin, and seventh grader Moses Thomson placed third, with a 2:19.14 time. 

In the 200-meter freestyle, Paula Gesche took first, with a 2:13.52 time for the girls, followed by seventh graders Charlotte Knapp in fifth at 3:20.16 and Alexa Sawers in sixth at 3:32.50. For the boys, Andy Carr was first at 2:12.72, followed by Simon Hammarlund in third at 2:28.28. 

In the boys 200 meter individual medley, Emmett Silva swam a personal best of 2:35.24, followed by Grady Stalgren swimming 2:41.32 for second place, and Moses Thomson at 3:02.89 for fourth. 

In the girls 50-meter freestyle, Olympia Hall swam 29.16 for second, Sylvia Carroll swam 30.40 for third, and Maybeline Brown swam 35.22 for fifth. In the boys 50-meter freestyle, Kaua DeAssis won first at 25.02, followed by Ronan Mullin at second with a personal best of 26.79, and Philip Pruciano swam 33.92 for fifth. 

In the girls 100-meter butterfly, Nora Motahari won second at 1:39.45, followed by Leah Debettencourt at 2:00.81 in third, both with personal best times. For the boys, Ronan Mullin swam 1:04.56 for first, and Andy Carr swam 1:05.80 for second.

For the girls 100-meter freestyle, Sylvia Carroll won second at 1:06.33, Nora Duncheva placed fourth with 1:21.82, and Caylie Whitney was fifth at 1:35.57, a personal best. For the boys, Emmett Silva won first at 1:02.00, Moses Thomson was third at 1:15, and Philip Pruciano was fourth with a personal best of 1:22.00. 

In the girls 500-meter freestyle, Leah Thomson won second at 8:22.12, Zoe Treitman won third with 8:42.56, and Emmy Treitman won fourth at 9:08. 

The girls had three 200-meter freestyle relays. A team of Paula Gesche, Nora Motahari, Sylvia Carroll, and Olympia Hall finished second with 2:02.72. The B team of Leah Debettencourt, Zoe Treitman, Alexa Sawers, and Leah Thomson was third with 2:37.08. The C team of Adele Stearns, Emmy Treitman, Caylie Whitney, and Charlotte Knapp was fourth with 2:39.12. The boys 200-meter freestyle relay A team of Ronan Mullin, Andy Carr, Emmett Silva, and Kaua DeAssis won first with 1:47.00. 

In the 100-meter backstroke, Olympia Hall swam a personal best of 1:14.77 and took first place. Alexa Sawers finished with 1:51.47 in third place, and Charlotte Knapp swam 1:52.31 to take fourth. Grady Staglren, with a personal best of 1:12.84, finished first for the boys, followed by Anthony Pruciano’s 1:33.08 in third.

In the girls 100-meter breaststroke, Paula Gresche finished first with 1:20.00, Maybeline Browne finished fourth with 1:41.14, and Emmy Treitman finished fifth with 1:54.76. Simon Hammarlund won second for the boys at 1:18.64. 

In the 200-meter freestyle relay, the girls A team of Motahari, Debettencourt, Duncheva, and Maybeline Brown finished at 5:07.65, and won first. The B team of Leah Thomson, Zoe Treitman, Caylie Whitney, and Adele Stearns finished third with 5:59.75. 

The boys 400-meter free relay team of Kaua DeAssis, Philip Pruciano, Anthony Pruciano, and Simon Hammarlund won first with 4:59.00.

The team’s next meet will be on Nantucket on Friday, Dec. 22.