Poet’s Corner: ‘The Drip’


The Drip
By Georgia Morris

For the third time in two months
water breaks through the ceiling slats
of the downstairs bathroom fan
and you are, this time, happily
making green tea and honey toast
to the tap, tap, tapping that sends
you to the crackers and nuts cabinet
with dread of a small dining creature
the cruel house overseer will
snap with a bait of cheese
and this misinterpretation of the sound
has your soul in turmoil,

but, not enough to stop spreading,
with smug satisfaction, the raw honey
from your up-the-street neighbor
who keeps bees that work your own
garden bee balm and lavender,
thank you very much,

and, your teatime pleasure is
slow to wake to the next scheduled
upstairs delight of the scented
bath … overflowing tub!

You swear to the cruel house overseer
by every sopping beach towel it takes
to mop two stories of flood,
that this disaster will
never happen again, but
you know, by all that is holy, a
brand-new downstairs bathroom renovation
cannot be expected to last

Georgia Morris has lived in Vineyard Haven for 36 years, and has been writing poetry for a lot longer! 

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