Coalition applauds newspaper translation service


To the Editor:

The Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition applauds the new Portuguese translation of the newspaper. “O Tempo” is an important measure that significantly increases recognition of the contributions and vitality of our Brazilian brothers and sisters, while giving them an added voice to expand the Island’s knowledge of Brazil’s rich history, arts, and culture. We further believe that “O Tempo” sends a message of inclusion rather than of assimilation, reflecting the Diversity Coalition’s mission to continually work to create and sustain a beloved and equitable Island community. 

Finally, we believe that “O Tempo” will enhance the senses of acceptance, equity, and belonging that will lead to a greater desire to gain facility with English, and not be a deterrent. As our understanding of the richness of another culture continues to grow, we will experience the delight that comes from enlarging our sense of what is meant by sisterhood and brotherhood.

Bob Reardon, trustee
Martha’s Vineyard Diversity Coalition