Oak Bluff voters need to be aware


To the Editor:

I believe that the Oak Bluffs planning board’s recommendations for rezoning five areas of the town are not getting enough notice by the public. My particular concern is the three areas that will allow residential areas to be zoned with an overlay district for light industrial mixed use with a special permit. The three areas are West of the Roundabout, Holmes Hole Road, and Transfer Station Area. These are mapped and on the town of Oak Bluffs planning board website opening page. Of critical concern is the West of the Roundabout. 

If this article passes at town meeting, it will open the door for a large swath of land to be zoned for light industrial use, including mining (minimum 20-acre parcel), general contractors, boat yards, welding shops, warehouses, etc., and possible hazardous materials use and storage. It covers storage and/or parking of commercial construction and landscaping equipment, creating additional traffic, large trucks, dust and fumes, and activities that could disrupt residents at all hours.

This area includes the Alpaca Farm and two areas owned by Goodale Construction on either side of Head of the Pond Road.

My house is the closest house to the Goodale gravel pit, which is one of the three parcels. This business has been a concern since I moved here in 2013. The business starts as early as 6 am, or earlier. There is constant noise from backup alarms and from other mining operations. When making asphalt, the pollution coming into the neighborhood is disgusting: yellow fog and obnoxious smells that drive you indoors. 

Voter approval of this article will allow the same use to happen on another 55.5 acres of residentially zoned R3 land. This will impact all the residents along Head of the Pond Road, Bridle Path, Haypath, and Sea Glen. It also would affect the aquifer and habitat.

Please attend O.B. town meeting, Tuesday, April 9, and vote no on these LIMOD warrant articles.


Bruce Merrill
Oak Bluffs