Two sides to immigration coin


To the Editor:

In response to Jack Fruchtman’s article “The more immigration we have, the better off we are,” I would like to include three points.

  • Most Americans agree with “legal immigration.” The persons seeking asylum or citizenship have produced verified information about themselves, and promise to respect our laws. “Catch and release,” initiated by President Joe Biden, has overwhelmed the system, and impeded our Border Patrol from doing its job, leading to chaos at the boarder. An executive order from President Biden stopping “catch and release” is in his purview.
  • This is not ordinary immigration, but an act of organized groups soliciting thousands of people from many countries to invade and push through Border Patrol. Most are good people, but countries have been known to open and release prisoners from jails and asylums.
  • There is a big social and economic cost to American citizens who will be footing the bill for feeding, housing, educating, hospitalizing, and policing thousands and thousands of such immigrants. Island citizens are being betrayed by politicians who don’t enforce real immigration laws and consider the safety and well-being of the taxpayers who elected them.

Every voice has two sides, and so does immigration.


Pauline Speed
Vineyard Haven