Appreciative for help decarbonizing home


To the Editor:

We’re about to make an investment in a heat pump. Before committing to a particular solution, we had numerous thorny technical and financial questions. Since ACE MV (Adult and Continuing Education MV), whose board I chair, collaborates with Vineyard Power on how to bring training for the green energy workforce the Island needs, I knew of Vineyard Power’s Energy Coaching services. We reached out to them with our questions. 

Quickly, I got a reply — exactly the information I sought, and an invitation to continue the dialogue as needed. So a big thank you to Richard Andre and Sophie Pittaluga on the Vineyard Power team, who were immediately helpful. They tell me that they’re always happy and open to help any Vineyarder with questions on how to decarbonize homes, businesses, and vehicles, install solar, or income-eligible programs. And for quick reference, here’s the contact info: 508-693-3002 or


Nancy Hoffman
West Tisbury