2024 Climate Action Fair


This year’s fair brings together Island organizations to provide insights on land use, food security, energy transformation, and public health and safety, all aiming to build a sustainable and resilient Island community. The day includes a series of informative panels focusing on resilient landscaping. You will also be able to schedule a visit to your home for a free consultation with BiodiversityWorks’ Natural Neighbors. And at 2 pm, the Vineyard Conservation Society’s student art contest winners will be announced. If you’re interested in learning about biochar, there will be demonstrations highlighting its benefits for soil health and carbon sequestration.

This year’s Climate Action Fair is open to the public from 12 to 4 pm on Sunday, May 19.

For more information go to Climate Action Works: https://bit.ly/3UJnU43, and participating organizations, BiodiversityWorks: https://bit.ly/3QKyCWU, and Vineyard Conservation Society:  https://bit.ly/4ao4DuZ.