Poet’s Corner: ‘Wild Hearts’


Wild Hearts
By Cecily Bryant

I tend to gravitate to the wilder hearts
Those whose childhoods still shine through
the corners of their eyes
The tangled bittersweet and wind-seeded
flowers draw us more assuredly than do
other riches

Foremost are memories of discovery
and laughter that sustain us through harsher
And so too the bonds of love and friendship
made among the freedoms of running
unbridled as only children can

When the heat of the sun warms the
meadows and the cicadas start their
high-pitched reverie
I remember those days of footloose
summers that is ever a calm and sustenance

Cecily Bryant lived for 40 years in West Tisbury, where she raised her son. She currently lives in Vineyard Haven. Her poetry is published in a number of collections.

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