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How did he get that shot?

I'm late asking, but how did Peter Shepardson get that very appealing photo (MV Times, September 16) of four pretty, cute raccoons peeking through tree branches? Were they people in realistic masks? Impressed me very much.

What a fishing pier was, and can be

I am writing In favor of the proposed fishing pier In Oak Bluffs.

Dorothy E. Ott

Dorothy E.

Editorial ought to have reflected wind power’s health advantages

Wind power has important advantages that received no attention in your editorial of 23 September 2010.

Whose idea was it to dredge the Gut right now?

Who's the genius who decided to dredge the Gut during the derby and string dredging booms all along its length? Must be the same brilliant mind that scheduled the closing of the inside of Big Bridge, and who found a way not to re-cut the trail to the Chappy side of the breach, and burned down the Menemsha wharf, and advises Diane Sawyer in her single-handed war on fishermen.

Judges endorse mediation

This weekend, I reviewed the Martha's Vineyard TV (Channel 13) video recorded 11 August 2010, at the Old Whaling Church, of the M.

MCAS scores do not deserve celebration

The MCAS scores that measured how well our children are doing in school were released last week.

Business leaders to discuss branding

Martha's Vineyard business leaders who credit successful branding with helping them develop their companies will be the focus of a panel discussion on Tuesday, October 5 at the Harbor View Hotel presented by the Martha's Vineyard Women's Network.

Timely and effective response

My family and I would like to wholeheartedly thank police Chief Bettencourt, fire Chief Peter Shemeth, the Edgartown Police Department and the Edgartown Fire Department for their timely and effective response to the fire at our house early Monday morning, caused by an act of arson.

Pet health insurance is useful, but comes with a price

Caring for a pet can be an expensive proposition, particularly on Martha's Vineyard where costs for any type of medical care run above the national average.

Trend watch: Outdoor fire pits

Many Islanders regard fall and winter as their favorite seasons, and outdoor fire pits can help hosts continue to entertain well into the colder months.

Great job

"Built on Stilts," can I just say what a great job you did yet again.

Jacqueline Pimentel

Jacqueline Pimentel, 59, died at her home on Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown on October 2, 2009.

Emergency management has limits, and trust is key

I have followed with interest the recent articles and online comments on the issue of road closures during hurricane Earl.

Please approve the fishing pier

Most readers of these pages will by now be aware that a public fishing pier has been proposed to be located in Oak Bluffs between the Steamship pier and the Oak Bluffs harbor jetty.

A wonderful evening of music

Thanks so much to the Island community for joining us at the recent Wintertide Coffeehouse Reunion Concert, for the benefit of the Alexandra Gagnon Teen Center.

Applause for teacher and students

Congratulations to the entire eighth grade and Karl Nelson, their eighth grade science teacher, on bringing honor and distinction to the West Tisbury School.

Congrats all around

Congratulations Karl Nelson, your 8th grade science class scored number one in the state with MCAS.

Oak Bluffs

The best was saved for us.

Out of touch management at TTOR

I am writing this letter in regards to the resignation of David Babson, former manager of The Trustees of the Reservations (TTOR) on Norton Point and Chappy.