Chilmark selectmen discuss changes to shellfish regs


Chilmark selectmen Tuesday held a public hearing on proposed changes to Chilmark shellfish regulations. Selectmen said there was a lot to like in the five-page plan but the new regulations needed more work, and recommended several changes to the shellfish committee.

Selectman Jonathan Mayhew said he thought the penalties for violating the regulations were too soft. Selectman Frank Fenner thought specific language should be added to prohibit someone holding a family license from selling their catch.

“Should a family permit holder be allowed to sell his or her catch? It won’t be the [commercial] season and all of a sudden scallop is turning up at the market,” Mr. Fenner said.

Selectmen also thought language about who could receive a shellfish permit was confusing, and questioned the regulations for the length of boats allowed to power drag, and the daily bushel limit.

Selectmen continued the public hearing and agreed to post a copy of the draft regulations in Menemsha; as well as other locations around town.