A simple solution for the Blinker


To the Editor:

My take on the rotary proposal at the four-way stop, blinking light intersection: a simple solution in my opinion is to add right hand turn lanes from Oak Bluffs, from Vineyard Haven and from West Tisbury. Not necessary from Edgartown, considering the turn available at Mahoney’s and lack of space due to Tilton’s.

There seems to be enough room to add a right hand turn lane from each of these 3 directions, and it would take up a lot less space than a rotary.

Rotaries are foreign to a lot of our summer guests and residents. It will also make it easier for the bicyclists to negotiate the intersection. I have shared my idea with friends and colleagues who suggested that I write a Letter to the Editor, so here it is.

But keep in mind, if you get there faster, you will have to wait longer at the Triangle in Edgartown and at the bottom of the hill in Vineyard Haven.

Brian Welch

Oak Bluffs